Noiseless Browsing

by Joel Arvidsson

Block nags to accept cookies and privacy
 invasive tracking in Safari on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

“I’d recommend Hush to anyone who uses Safari”

— John Gruber, Daring Fireball

We care about your privacy

Not really though. That's why we made the process of opting out really difficult because we know nobody would opt in otherwise.

www.everywebsite.ever wants to annoy even after you leave by sending push notifications.

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You seem like the type that what to have spam sent to you on a regular basis, so we'll make sure to sell your address on to others.


Unlike some blockers, Hush has absolutely no access to your browser habits or passwords. Nor does it track behavior or collect crash reports - nothing leaves your device.


Everything is free of charge. Forever. No in-app purchases, no nonsense. However, any help towards covering the yearly Apple Developer fee is greatly appreciated.


The app is primarily a host of rules that integrates with Safari in a native, lightweight way, making the blocking efficient and fast.


It's as easy as downloading the app and enabling it in Safari settings ⭢ Extensions. No configuration or maintenance needed.

Open Source

The source code is available on GitHub under the permissive MIT license.


Hush is written in Apple's latest programming paradigm Swift UI and has native support for M1 processors.


The app download clocks in at less than half a megabyte.